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A rural escape with great expectations

The Sunday Post | Travel – August, 2020

The realisation that a descendant of Charles Dickens is the owner of a boutique holiday destination and award-winning vineyard in a pretty part of rural Hungary and that she has a Scottish connection feels like a truly wonderful surprise.

Hungary for change

London Metro – May, 2017

Visiting Catherine’s rural empire is a delight – the concrete 50 – 65 m² houses are scattered across the picturesque Hungarian countryside between vineyards.

Highlights of Hungary

Highlights of Hungary – February, 2018

Highlights of Hungary is the first and only creative collection that selects its nominees on a professional basis but without the boundaries of categories. The curatorial team consists of 10 qualified professionals representing different fields of the creative industry. They are searching for values marking the most exciting and inspirational projects of the current year.

Angol lady a Vértesben

Hamu és Gyémánt – 2016

Minden vendéget lelkesen fogad, sokukat jó ismerősként köszönti, hiszen visszajárnak hozzá. Olyan odaadással beszél Csákberényről és Magyarországról, hogy szavai országimázskampányba illenek. Ahogyan az a hét, különleges vendégház is, amelyet a Fejér megyei dombok között, szőlőtőkék és levendulaültetvények között hozott létre. Catherine Dickens, a világhírű angol író szépunokája, aki nem mellesleg anyai ágon magyar származású.

The Allure of Lakeside Hungary

The New York Times – 2012

CSÁKBERÉNY, HUNGARY — Driving west from Budapest, the city’s outlying suburbs give way to plowed fields of black earth, then a short section of moorland before descending — about 70 kilometers from the city — to the foot of a limestone outcrop.

Romantic hideaways in Hungary

Daily News Hungary – March, 2016

A cottage in the middle of a flower garden in a small village, a Provence style intimate lodge at the stem of the vine-lands and a shack at the edge of the forest that makes you feel like you’re in the British countryside. Hungary is full of charming accommodations where you can hide away from the world. collected nine of these.

Józsi's Cottage

A 540 square feet cottage in Fejér County, Hungary. Shared and owned by Catherine Dickens Gore.