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Breakfast Baskets

Our hand delivered breakfast baskets are enough for two people for two mornings, or four persons for one morning. We do require 48-hour (72 over a holiday period) notice to arrange a breakfast basket. Top up times are available during your stay, just let us know.

You may order your breakfast during the booking process.

  • local baked bread
  • 1L of fresh milk
  • 1L of orange juice
  • a selection of bacon, hams and salami
  • 6 eggs
  • homemade Catherine’s Cottages jam
  • a selection of cheese
  • 4 tomatoes
  • sliced salted butter
  • 4 plain yogurts
  • a jar of Orsi’s muesli
10,000ft per basket
Gluten free sur-charge 2,000ft per basket.

* Vegetarian breakfast baskets we subtitute the meats for extra cheese and eggs.

* If you prefer non dairy products we are able to offer rice milk and extra muesli.

* For a mini breakfast basket if you plan to stay one night will include fresh bread, half litre of milk and orange juice, 4 eggs, butter, muesli and a small pot of homemade jam. 5,500ft per mini breakfast basket.


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